#WeQuest: SolitudeCollaboration

I am behind in my posts for #WeQuest but I plan on finishing weeks 3 and 4 today.   Week three featured the theme of SolitudeCollaboration with visionaries Pam Slim and Leo Babauta.  As a reminder, quest is a month long series of instigations with visionary speakers and is the brain child of Jeffrey Davis from Tracking Wonder.

Pam’s instigation was: What kind of collaboration is the most fulfilling for your creative growth? What one project or goal this year could benefit from your pursuing that kind of collaboration? What will you do on a monthly basis to pursue that kind of collaboration? With whom possibly?

Leo offered the following: How can you challenge yourself to carve out separate blocks each day for solitude? What new or modified daily habit will help you do so? Whom can you call upon to help you cultivate this habit?

When you’re in your solitude block, notice your resistance and relax into it.

Many Questers have already responded to this instigation.

Here are a few:

Nancy Seibel Finding Hope in Solitude and Connection

Kelsey Blackwell Week 3: #SolitudeCollaboration

Alicia K. Anderson What does an Introvert’s  Network Look Like? 

Thoughts on Solitude

I have been thinking about solitude more than anything else.  What is solitude?  It’s not just being alone and escaping into endless Netflix reruns.  Solitude, by definition, is a state of being alone, often a state of isolation.  While it can be isolation in a negative way, it does not have to be so.

My states of solitude give me time to think and process my work.  I schedule time to be away where there are no phones and little internet.  I seek time to focus on work and thoughts.  Sometimes I am more productive than others but it is always a time that helps me feel renewed and to gain insight into something I am working on.  I will seek more focus in my solitude in the coming year, not just during those times when I can leave the daily work that drags me down, but also during the in-between times.

The funny thing is that I can feel and experience solitude in a group. Maybe it is my introverted nature or because I do spend so much time by myself.  But I often feel a sense of peace and well being that comes with deep solitude.



I long for true collaboration.  It is a difficult thing to find in my experience.  I have had a few instances that I can think of that have resulted in wonderful events or discussions.  Primarily I have experienced projects forced on a group and called collaboration.  No one enjoys the project and it is rarely collaborative.  I haven’t given up hope though.  I will seek ways to collaborate on the projects that truly mean something to me and bring me joy.  I will most likely use my time in #solitude to discover pathways to #collaboration.

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