#WeQuest: #dreamdone

Week two of Quest 18 featured Charlie Gilkey and and Ishita Gupta discussing Getting Stuff Done v Dreaming up Ideas.

Ishita offered this prompt:I f what you desired most – the book deal, the mentor you’re scared to send the email to, the perfect partnership- what you’ve wished and prayed for – if it landed on your doorstep tomorrow, would you be ready for it?

Charlie offered this one:

When prompted to dream, a natural default for many of us is to start thinking and end up in our head. We dream of logical possibilities, things we might do, places we might be, and so on.

What’s often left out of it, though, is how we feel. Since feeling drives action more than thought does, this is a major oversight and often leads to dreaming that never turns into action.

So, rather than dreaming from the head, I want to prompt you to dream from the heart. There are many ways to go about this, but choose one of the prompts below that tugs the most at you:

1) What do you want to feel at the end of 2018 that you currently don’t feel or don’t feel enough of? (Good: I want to feel excited about what I’m working on; not so good: I want to know what’s the right thing for me to focus on.)

2) When you look over or think about the items you’ve dreamed up for next year, which, if removed, causes you to wince or evokes some sense of pain or regret? Suggestion: get rid of all the optional items that don’t cause pain if they’re booted.

3) Place your hand on your heart. Imagine yourself at the end of next year. What calls to you? Pay more attention to what’s coming from your body than from your head. You’ll feel it. (Hat tip to Courtney Carver for the hand on your heart tip)

I was drawn to Charlie Gilkey’s instigations.  In the discussion he talked about taking an idea and moving it 6 inches to the left.  How does it change?  How can I be curious and create something new about an idea that has seemingly already been done?  In essence, what mark do I put on an idea that someone else hasn’t or can’t because I bring a different set of ideas and a different background?

At the end of 2018 I am more curious about my ideas.  I am exploring more about how to move them 6 inches to the left to see what I can create and how I can meet needs for my patch of the planet.  I worked hard this year to define my patch of the planet and to define what I can bring.  I am proud of the work I have done.

At the beginning of 2018 I took Caroline Miller’s question “why not?” to heart and did not waver from the challenge I set for myself for the year.  At the end of the year, with my hand on my heart, I feel the satisfaction of accomplishing what I set out to do that will make me stronger personally and professionally.


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