#Quest18: Purpose

In week one of #WeQuest,  Jeffrey Davis interviewed Katie Dalebout and Caroline Adams Miller about “testing purpose” and “finding and living on purpose.”  The instigations from the two visionary leaders are below:

Caroline Adams Miller prompted us to consider:

If you choose to tackle harder goals on a daily basis, imagine how you could amplify the positive impact you want to have on the world.

It’s often said that ‘you can’t keep what you don’t give away.’ What will you give to others through your best work in 2018 that will positively impact them so that you might keep it, as well?

What do you need to do in 2018 to ensure that you live without unnecessary regrets and have that kind of fulfilling purpose and impact on others?

Katie Dalebout’s prompt was:

When we get clarity on what we want to create and it’s for the greater good of humanity, then that vision can happen more easily. When we make space to show up this way, the universe will fill it with our desires, but we have to make space. How are you going to make space in 2018 to create what you really want that will be for the greater good of humanity? What ritual might help your mindset make space? What habit or activity might you stop to make space and test your fulfilling purpose?

It’s the end of week two of #quest18 but I am still processing week 1.  Two things struck me from the discussion with the first two visionaries: not living with regret and the need to create space for what I want to create.  I often get caught up in what I am not doing instead of what I have done, even in small steps.  I have been spending time reflecting on all the various things I have done during my life, especially my adult life.  Even when it hasn’t been totally refined or defined,  I have lived with purpose and have followed a path I have chosen.  I have practiced patience (even when I don’t want to) because I know the timing isn’t right yet.

So how will I look ahead to the end of 2018 to make sure that I have created the space I need to create and not live with regret?  I know I can’t control life 100% so I can envision what I want but not guarantee it.  There is so much power and potential in creating a vision, however.

Kate Dalebout’s instigation has stuck with me the most.  How do I create mental space and physical space?  I recently wrote that I spend much of my time at home in my kitchen but that I need space to spread out my work and to create.  I have an office space in my house but it was still full of unopened and half unpacked boxes earlier this week.  I moved into the house in July so it was time to go in and create a space to create my best work.   It did not take long to clean up the space – one evening spent opening boxes, rearranging, and throwing things out that I couldn’t believe I had moved again.  Now I have space and I need to use it.


I promised I would spend Saturday morning writing.  It’s Saturday morning and I am at Monarch Espresso Bar writing, drinking coffee, and eating avocado toast.   Getting out of the house and writing in a different space gives me a different perspective.  I am usually surrounded by other people who are also writing or working on some project.  It seems to help me in some way.  I will spend time in my home space too.  I can spread out and be messy there.  It is a space that isn’t often made public where I can let my dreams expand and test my ideas.

Tackling my mental space will be my top priority in 2018.  I find that my routines help me tackle my mental space and my desire to put things off.  I need systems in place to help me tackle my mental space.  These include the group of questers, friends, and family.   I also use calendars and other systems to keep me on track.   I just started using the daily journal in the photo below.  (Thanks, Sam.)   It’s helping me focus in a different way because it is divided into three months at a time and includes space for goals as well as reflection.  Combining this system with Jeffrey Davis’s mind rooms  will help me create the best 2018. IMG_4471

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