#Quest18: Best Year

Last week I began my third year in the Tracking Wonder Quest.  Every December Jeffrey Davis leads a pack of creative business artists in a quest to map out the next year.  This isn’t your run of the mill goal setting or writing resolutions that will be forgotten by mid-January exercise.  We are challenged by Jeffrey, by a group of visionary leaders, and by an international community to envision how to show up and be our best selves in the coming year.  Each week we receive an instigation along with inspiration and encouragement to write, develop, and imagine what is possible.

In the first instigation Jeffrey asked us to imagine our #bestyear. In a year how will I answer the following questions:

How have I shown up for my best work?

What kinds of distinct activities have I been engaged in?

What have I been making or creating as part of my best work?

This is what I imagine in a year:

It is December 2018 and I am sitting in my favorite coffee shop.  I am drinking coffee and reflecting on the past year.  One word comes to mind: consistency.  I have finally been consistent in caring for my own health and wellness and in developing my brand and business.  Being consistent in caring for myself has been a key element because I do not feel that my work in health and wellness can move forward without caring for myself.

For several months in 2017 I set aside time on Saturday to write.  In 2018 I used this time to draft into the questions of the book I have worked on for almost three years.  I now  have a finished draft that has been revised.  This project has been a labor of love and lays out my vision and passion for the work I want to pursue going forward.

I have rebranded and developed my website, adding content consistently that I know is valuable based on response from readers.  In the first quarter of the year I refined my vision and purpose for the site and brand and then developed modules in a course that I have contemplating for over a year.  I added services throughout the year and developed a marketing plan to promote my brand and develop my client base.

I took time to ask the question, “what if…?” and to remember the vision I wrote about in 2011 that built on a long time vision for my work.  It has taken a long time and I not finished yet, but it is so exciting.

#bestyear #WeQuest18

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