Be your own hero : facing what is difficult

It is because things are difficult that we do not dare;

it is because we do not dare that they are difficult.  Seneca

This is one of my favorite photos from childhood.  I look at it now and think, “wow, it was so easy to sit in hero’s pose when I was 4.”  It is much more difficult for me to sit this way now.  My knees are stiff from arthritis, making it more difficult to drop into this position.  With props, I can do it though.  But I don’t.

Heros pose

Oddly, perhaps, hero’s pose or Virasana, is a pose I should practice.  It is a pose that stretches thighs, knees, and ankles and strengthens arches.  It is suppose to help with lowering blood pressure.  It has other benefits as well.

I tend to avoid this pose.  Part of the reason is because I need so many props.  Part of it is that it is just easier to sit another way.  I had a teacher who made me sit in hero’s pose.  It became easier over time.  I am currently taking an online course where we were challenged to practice the poses that are difficult for us.  It’s easy to practice the poses we can drop into without effort.  But we grow when we practice those poses that are not so easy.

This is a pose that I will be adding back into my own practice.  I can be my own hero,  trying the things that are difficult for me.  In that way I will grow.  I am not just practicing a pose, however,  I am also practicing a way of life.


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