Traveling yoga mat

At the beginning of the year I purchased a woven yoga mat from my friends, Jessica and Andrea, who own a Weaving Alabama and make the mats.   I was looking for something lighter and more portable than my 7 pound Jade mat which I love to use but hate to carry. I have a couple of other travel mats but most are really thin and just don’t work well for me. The woven mat was perfect. It was portable, functional, and beautiful.


I began taking photos of where my mat went – and where I was going. It began as just kind of fun Instagram photo but I have continued to document where my mat goes with me. The photos are not totally exciting but they document part of my yoga journey. My mat has been a lot of places this year. Keene, NH, Phoenix, AZ, Baltimore, Seattle, WA, The Omega Institute, Nashville, Charleston, SC, Chicago, and Guerneville, CA. The only place I didn’t take it was to Detroit for my cousin’s funeral.


So? Does it matter that I document my travels and my yoga mat? Not really. It matters that I continue to practice. Even if I don’t do much, I do something. Having my mat connects me to my practice and reminds me I am part of a larger community than just my yoga community. It helps me center and ground where ever I am.   Some places are easier to practice than others for several reasons.   I had a great room in Charleston but the wood floors were not the best for the mat. Some meetings don’t give me much time to get onto my mat. It only takes a few minutes though and that is what I strive to remember. Even if I only have 5 minutes or 15 minutes, it is enough.   I don’t need an hour of sweaty yoga or an hour of restorative to practice. Sometimes I just need the time to reset and remember who I am.Guerneville

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