More about Millie

Millie Jackson ….

I created Gentle Warrior Yoga & Health in 2015 while I was completing Melissa Scott’s Sacred Glow Yoga Teacher Training.  I have offered yoga in several settings since beginning – studios, gardens, my home, and in the library.   Through my classes and workshops I strive to offer opportunities for students to find their own practice.

I began my yoga practice in 1999, almost by accident.  After finishing a Ph.D. in English I was looking for activities to restore balance in my life.  Yoga was part of this and I began a journey that has brought joy and calm to my life.  My initial classes were all based in Iyengar style yoga.  I did not branch out to explore other styles until 2014 when I returned to a studio based practice after several years of practicing on my own.  Since then I have explored Ashtanga, Yin, Power, Core Strength Vinyasa, and Restorative yoga.  I have completed close to 500 hours of teacher training, including two 200 hour teaching trainers.  I studied with Melissa Scott and completed Sacred Glow Yoga Teacher Training in 2015 (Core Strength Vinyasa) and then continued studying with Kim Drye, who I have studied with privately since 2014, and Rebecca Impello to complete HereNow Alignment Based Yoga Teacher Training in 2016.  Under the guidance of Jillian Pransky, I earned a  certification in Restorative Therapeutic Yoga.  I have also studied Yin Yoga with Pamela Chang and with Elizabeth Steward.

Past workshop offerings have included a series on yoga and body image and classes on yoga and writing.

In addition to my yoga training, I am a Certified Health Educator (CHES) and have an M.A. in Health Education from the University of Alabama.  My continuing education has focused on plant based nutrition and culinary nutrition.

Since 2010 I have completed several triathlons and attempted several more.  In addition to yoga,  I swim, bike, and do strength training.

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